Friday, April 3, 2009

Warm weather - Yippee!!!

Oh I love it when the sun comes out and I can dance around outside on the green grass! Today after Momma master came home I ran outside and made my way all the way around the yard. It was nice to not get me feet all cold and wet. Yucky! Then I ran in to a little problem when I came back on the deck to wait by the back door. Seems as though I took a wrong turn or something and ended up wedged in amongst a bunch of big clay pots. Well they do have plants in them, so I thought I was still out in the yard. Since my reverse gear doesn't work anymore I just stood there waiting, and waiting and waiting. Momma finally opened the door, oh boy! She'll rescue wait... she let the other dogs in and called my name, but then she shut the door. Oh no.... what am I going to do now? Phew! She opened the door again, called my name a few times, then looked to her right and saw me. She laughed a little, then gently scooped me up and carried me in the house. I'm so glad that she doesn't yell at me or tease me for getting stuck AGAIN! Now I'm just walking around and around and around waiting for my Daddy master to get home from work. He always seems so happy to see me!

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