Monday, April 6, 2009

Stuck again with no reverse gear!

Who took away my reverse gear???? I swear that just last year I could fit behind the couch. Hey maybe my masters moved it... that's it! Nothing wrong with ME... it's all THEIR fault!!! Anyway, here's what Momma master saw when she came looking for me after hearing a bunch of banging around. Actually she only saw the couch cover moving and this is what she saw after pulling it off the arm of the couch.
... and this is a closeup of me wedged between the couch and the plant stand
There! If I can stand up, then maybe, just maybe I can get behind the couch...
Well who knocked my back legs out from under me? Now I'm all tangled up in the legs of the plant stand! Heeeeelllllllpppppp me!!! Momma is pretty much just kinda chuckling right now talking to my big sis on the phone about how funny I look...
There! She finally got off the phone and quit taking pictures, then moved the couch forward so I could escape behind it and out the other side! The next series of pics shows me happily trapsing around the house, taking my victory laps!
That dark blob in front of me in the above picture is Echo, the cat with the annoying meow. If you look closely at the door on the right (my left) you'll see the cardboard repair job Daddy master did after my little sis Katie the Border Collie got stuck downstairs all day and made a valliant attempt to eat her way through the door. Just another 30 minutes or so and she would've made it all the way through. Ah, below you see me triumphantly nearing the water bowl. You know all these laps make me very thirsty!

Ah, maybe a couple more laps just to make sure everything's where it should be...
Through the bedroom, then the bathroom...
Then the dining room again...
Ah, finally get back to the water.... HEY where's the water???? It's dry as a bone!!!! Oh wait, that's right, I fell in it today while masters were gone to work and well, kinda made a mess on the floor..... Oh WELL!
So I'll go outside... gotta get rid of some of that water I drank before spilling it. Oh yeah, we have other water too, I just really like it out of my red bowl!

Oh boy! Here comes the neighbor dog Raven. You can barely make her out behind the fence because she's silver, you know, one of those um... Schnauser's. She likes to run along the fence with us and as you can see, that black blur of Katie shows how fast she was running. Guess she was protecting me! I love my Katie!!!
Well after posting these pics Momma master has some more to show you. I was in a posing mood today!

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