Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mush and Walking!

This is the mush that Momma made for me yesterday since I haven't been eating the dry food that's out for all of us canines in the household (and an occasional hungry feline!) She put some leftover turkey in a bowl with homemade vegetable broth, nuked for a couple of minutes, then added some farina (cream of wheat) and some yellow lentils and cooked for about five minutes. She thought I'd be too weak to chew, so she got out this thing called a magic bullet, added some ice cubes and whipped it up to a drinkable solution.

Wowser was that ever YUMMYLISCIOUS!!!!! I went through two whole bowls of it in no time flat, well everything except those lentils that weren't cooked enough to be ground up and I didn't have any chewing energy. As you can see below, I still couldn't stand up, so did all my drinking laying down (sounds like a song, huh???)

After a bit, my little bro Tucker though he'd come get some of that great smelling stuff too, but Momma kept him away, then finally let him lick the big bowl when it was empty. If you zoom in on the picture below and look carefully up above his shoulders you'll see two bright circles. Well those are our little feline sister's eyes! She was really interested in the food too!
NOW comes the GOOD part..... Momma put together a really cool hip harness so she could help me walk!!! It's made out of two old collars that are hooked on to a leash splitter, then the leash hooks on that. The two collars hooked around each leg so she could hold me up to provide support. You can see that my little sis Katie was very interested in this strange contraption!
Now the fun part was falling down on my face and playing like I couldn't get up. I KNEW that Daddy would come and rescue me, which he did. Momma said next time she'd put a collar around my neck and use a second leash to help me up. She has a little trouble bending over and picking me up without saying "OUCH!"
Phew, all that walking sure made me thirsty! ps.... today I'm walking on my own, so I guess all that nutrition gave me back some strength. AWESOME!!!


  1. Hey Charmin!

    That mush looked really yummy! I can't eat turkey but that farina sure sounded good. Mmmmmm.


  2. Heya Charmin! Oh my, your poor back legs. Isn't it great to be served during meal time? My sista Chloe always get served while she's napping on the floor. No wonder she;s fat! Hehehe! Me? Well, I'm always working for mah food.

    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. I've graduated to soft canned food now, but must say that I prefer the homemade mush. It was yummy! Thanks for stopping by to visit!