Saturday, June 27, 2009

Worn out today

Well I haven't written for awhile because truthfully, I'm really worn out and haven't felt much like sitting up to type. Yeah I know that you know it's not me typing, but anyway, as you can see from these pictures, I'm not much in to passing words along to mamma master to type them. Daddy master took me to see the doctor the other day and she assured him I haven't had a stroke, but then what's causing my drooping face and inability to walk much? My one back leg just plain doesn't work anymore and now I can't stand at all, so they just carry me around and try to help in the back yard. I overheard Mamma and Daddy masters talking about, well I don't even want to say it..... but you know what I'm talking about... Mamma says she can't type it, so we'll move on....
So my masters are dog-sitting for their two granddogs this weekend. They keep coming over and sniffing my butt, then when they're closing in on my face I snap at them. I wish they'd just leave me alone, but really they must know I don't feel well because they don't stick around long. The picture below shows my little sis Katie trying to keep her toy away from her little sis (long story) Daisy. Funny thing is, Katie has absolutely zero interest in that toy until Daisy comes along! Daisy finally got it, then started hitting herself with it, shaking her head from side-to-side. Funny girl!

My brother Charlie was kind of sulking with his head to the back door. He really doesn't like it when strangers come to the house, even if they are his cousins.

Little bro Tucker promptly threw up right after the cuz's got here, then he hibernated in his little bed under the tv the rest of the morning. Guess he was a little upset, or maybe he's just getting old like me and wearing out.

Here's Daisy laying on the futon. Silly little girls keeps trying to bite those cats! Doesn't she know they're not real???

and then there's Buddy.... king of the hill... well he's a real sweetheart, just doesn't know how big he is. Sometimes he forgets and knocks things over, then masters aren't very happy. Luckily he likes to sleep alot as long as nobody is moving, or there's no loud noises (or quiet noises), and there's no cats around.....

Well that's all I can find the energy for today. Hope to type more again soon!

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