Sunday, July 5, 2009

My trusty companions

Here is where my little kitty brother hangs out when my cousins (or are they actually a niece and nephew?) come over. They are two rather large and rambunctious dogs and little JC is a tiny kitty (adult, but really small) who would just rather hang out on top of the kitchen cabinets than be chased by the dogs. Mama master was nice enough to put his food on top of the refrigerator so he could eat. That seemed to make him happy!

Below you can see how worried Katie was when I stole the washcloth from Daddy when he was trying to clean my face up after I ate. She's such a worry-wort!
Here's a close up of me with the washcloth. Mama wasn't too happy because it was a hand knitted gift from someone, so I promised not to destroy it. Yeah, like with the few teeth I have left I could REALLY do much damage!
Do you think my sibs are a little over concerned about me or something??? Here I was trying to eat and they were ALL hanging out around me! I mean who wants to eat with all those eyes staring at them anyway??? Daddy usually puts me in the bathroom with my human food and shuts the door, then the others can't get in, but this time I was trying to munch on some hard dog food. Daddy rushed me to the vet the other day because I wouldn't move or eat or anything. She told him to try baby food and let me eat WHATEVER I wanted! Hey, every gal's dream, huh? Eat anything anytime and everywhere!!! Since I'm losing weight there's no problem eating too much, but usually I only eat a couple of ounces at a time. Daddy found out that I love salmon so he's cooking that a lot now.

Today I actually walked across the kitchen floor, then veered sideways as usual and fell, kirplop! Later Daddy took me outside and came back in telling Mama how I pooped! He was so proud of me! Gee, doesn't take much to make those humans happy does it?

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