Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Medicine and Green Feet

Here's a pic of the most dreaded part of my day.... meds!!! See that huge long plastic plunger??? Well that's what my master forces down my throat every morning and night. Both of the long capsules are some kind of vitamin or herb that I have to take due to the damage to my liver caused by phenobarb that I took for years to control my seizures. My awesome vet suggested that Milk Thistle might help and sure enough, it brought me back from the brink of death. My owners thought a super antioxidant might help keep my body full of energy, so I get to take that too. Well, not too long ago my doc discovered a heart problem, so they added another pill to my daily routine that also includes pepsid to keep my food and water down and an antiobiotic to help fight the gum disease. Oh I'm a real mess and didn't mean to burden you with my troubles, but hey, that's my life! My daddy master said our house is like a nursing home for dogs and cats! Oh, speaking of other dogs, here's a pic of my two brothers and one sister:

The black Border Collie is my little sis, Katie. She is very intense and won't let any of us fight. Of course if she's chasing a tennis ball I can get away with anything and she doesn't notice! The fluffy one with his back to us is the Wire Fox Terrier, Tucker (or Mr. Tucker as my Daddy calls him). He lives in his own space cadet sort of world, just pretty much stands there licking the air most of the time. I'm not sure what that's all about, but he seems happy. The big guy under the table is Charlie and he's just a big ole compassionate friend. He lost one of his front canines during a head-on collision with Katie before my Mamma master figured out she shouldn't play ball with both of them at the same time. Now he just gets to lay outside and chew an old tennis ball while Katie chases a good one.

Speaking of being outdoors, here's what I got to do today, or at least how I looked after my Daddy finished mowing the grass:

At least Daddy didn't make me take another bath, he just washed my feet. Right now as Momma is typing this I'm getting my exercise by walking around and around and around. It's so nice that this house is arranged in a way that allows me to make a complete circle from dining room to living room and back around and around. They can't figure out why I just keep walking, but what they don't understand is that it keeps me healthy. Until next time.... keep your tongue in your mouth, or at least don't drool too much!

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